Committee Chairs are appointed by the Women’s Club President and function in an administrative capacity for the Club, as well as serving on the Executive Committee.  The Women’s Club of Forest Hills has the following Committees (asterisk denotes chairperson):

Auditor: Nadya de Chimay*

Communications: (contact below for specific web, digital and other communications requests)

Ellen Meier* (email blasts, website oversight and online membership directory maintenance)

Nancy Kump* (monthly club calendar/newsletters)

        Angela Duff (club correspondence)

Christine O’Brien Beydoun (website content maintenance)

        Ann Chamberlain (recorded meeting minutes)

Denise DeMaria (annual printed membership directory (yearbook))

Gretchen Gaudelli and Barbara Marsh (membership dues invoicing and collection)

        Karen Van Westering (financial recording and reporting)

Courtesies: Joan Minischetti*

Files/Club Historian: Lauretta Leddy*

Finance: Angela Martin*, Dolores Carroll, Gretchen Gaudelli, Barbara Marsh, Louise Naples, Barbara Neale, Karen Van Westering

General Meeting Programs: Wendy Bachman*

General Meeting Teas: Kathryn Brand*, Christine O’Brien-Beydoun, Angela Martin, Salvatrice (Sally) Musacchia

House/Page: Angela Berardino*

Library:  Gail Goglia*

Membership Recognition: Kathy Brand*, Denise DeMaria*, Nancy Crabill, Christine Evangelista, Lauretta Leddy, Angela Martin, Loretta Orlando, Frances Passantino, Janice Schwarz, Lorraine Smith

Nominating: Angela Martin*, Christine O’Brien Beydoun, Margaret Brady, Kathryn Brand, Dolores Carroll, Diane Elkan, Helen Griffin

Philanthropic Funding:  Catherine Wigdor*, Wendy Bachman, Kathy Brand, Angela Duff, Preeti Garg, Abha Jain, Nancy Kump, Angela Martin, Adaleza Michelena

Reception: Dolores Carroll*

Rules and Amendments: Barbara Neale*, Christine O’Brien Beydoun, Dolores Carroll, Ann Chamberlain, A. Patricia Gainor, Gretchen Gaudelli, Harriet George, Lauretta Leddy, Irene Nash

Year-End Luncheon: Wendy Bachman*