New members and ideas are always welcome.

The Crafts & Creativity Chapter is devoted to crafts of many different varieties. Meeting weekly on Mondays at 10 am, (except for Monday Holidays and General Meeting Dates) the members have an opportunity to express their individual and collective talents.  We are a congenial and creative group where instructional advice and appropriate materials are provided.  New members and new ideas are always welcome.

Check the Calendar for the specific meeting dates and for more information.

During the past year we completed a quilting project that involved the cooperation of all the members. Other projects where members could express their individual preferences included silk scarf dyeing, decorative wreaths, knitting, silk flower arrangements, and, a particular favorite with the members, bead work and jewelry making. The jewelry has been a special favorite at our annual display.

Chairs: Barbara Marsh (Chair) and Ellen Forti (Co-chair)

Crafts and Creativity Chapter